Simple Home Cleaning Guide

Being rational and not making hasty decisions when cleaning your home is very crucial. Many times an accidental spill might occur, other times someone might track some mud inside all over your favourite carpet. It is key not to panic and instead make the right decision. Sanitation requires attention and care. Sure, you can always call professional cleaning companies to do it for you but where’s the fun in that? Besides, you are better off hiring such help only for large scale cleaning projects of something really delicate such as dry carpet cleaning.

Taking care of your carpet

Speaking of carpets, you really need to watch over them once you have them at home. A quick tip from us – don’t lay your carpet near windows or balcony doors. Why? Well they will get faded really quickly if exposed to sunlight. Also being close to doors will ensure that that there is heavy traffic over them. The more feet stepping on your white carpet, the faster it will not be white anymore. If you have pets you will definitely feel this. Vacuuming daily is a must. Steam cleaning is also your friend especially if you are looking to have some deep purification for your carpet. Another great idea when it comes to maintaining a sanitised carpet is to actually wash it by using foam. The carpet shampoo method basically means that you let the detergent generate a lot of foam on your carpet. It needs to stay like that overnight. Then you wash it off and your rug will look like new.

Handle your wooden or tile floor with care

Cleaning hard floors might sound easy, but it is in fact an assignment that will need to be carried out daily. Make sure you wipe and vacuum your wooden or tile floor. Crumbs, dust and hair can always be found there. Washing it with a mop and a little detergent is also a great idea. An important tip here is to always make sure the floor is completely dry before letting people step on it. First of all, walking on a wet floor usually leaves dark dirty traces. And second of all it holds the risk of slipping. If you live with elder people or very young children make sure you warn them after the floor has been washed. Hardwood flooring is best polished every few months. People usually overlook this aspect, but if you do it regularly you will also have a longer lasting floor.

Ensure a good night sleep

Your mattresses and curtains can be some of the dirtiest objects in your home. Both absorb a lot of particles and they are hard to see. Unfortunately, there are hazards related to what we breathe in. This is why you want to have dust-free upholstery and mattresses. Invest in a stronger vacuum cleaner or have a company come over for curtain cleaning. Beating your mattress once in a while will also have a positive effect on how clean it is.

Conducting house clearance is also imperative. Try not to get attached to items you used to use in the past. Everything which is obsolete should be gotten rid of. Sentimental value is overrated and you are better off having more space rather than just fighting old stuff lying around. Depending on the nature of the things you are throwing out you will need to separate them. Whatever can be re-used should be taken to the closest recycling factory. Electronics cannot go in the regular bins as well. If you are unsure how to handle such a project maybe investing little money in professional services provided by a local company might be a good idea. It will save you time and plenty of hassle.