Why you shouldn’t drink coffee on an empty stomach

Almost everyone drinks coffee early in the morning on an empty stomach. But not many know that this habit is actually not good for you and you should always eat before getting your daily dose of caffeine.

What happens when you drink coffee on an empty stomach is that the level of cortisol in your body increases. For those of you that don’t know what this is – cortisol is a hormone that regulates your immune response, your metabolism, and your stress response.

In the morning when you wake up your body starts releasing this hormone anyways so when you drink coffee your body ends up releasing way too much of it. By doing this you subject your body to too much stress. This causes mood swings throughout the day and it can be a risk for your health in the long run.

Coffee also stimulates the acid in your stomach and when there is no food to absorb it you are left with a belly that is full of acid.

This can cause gastric ulcers and you will probably experience heartburn.

All of the above combined with mood swings and anxiety is not a good idea.

If you not only drink coffee on an empty stomach but you consume large amounts of it you can not only experience anxiety but panic attacks as well.

Coffee has plenty of benefits and if you want to experience them without the downfalls that I listed – make sure you drink it after grabbing breakfast and in moderate amounts.

My first Christmas as an adult.

 Christmas without a doubt is my favorite holiday. Usually all December I am happy and I get this feeling inside like my life is about to change and there is going to be a huge Christmas miracle. Briefly, I am full of life and I am eager for the dinner on the 25th. Last year didn’t make an exception. While in this happy overjoyed state I took the worst decision of my life – to have all of my family members in my house for Christmas. Since I live alone for almost a year, I am so independent and I take such good care of myself this idea that I can manage to feed 15+ people, decorate my house beautifully and welcome them warmly just overcame my common sense. I am terrible at cooking, of course, I will manage to make a decent dinner and impress everyone, sure.

By the time I realized that this task is a bit too complicated for me it was too late. There was no going back and I had to suck it up. My mother knows me so well and she was very well aware that it’s almost impossible for me to do this. My pride is too strong though so there was no chance of me backing down. I had to do it.
Exactly on the 1st of December, I decorated my house just the way I wanted. Of course, my parents helped me with that. I put up the big tree, all the stockings for my now unwanted guests, all the Christmas lights. That wasn’t as hard as I thought, actually it was quite fun. I am not going to mention how much money I spent but the important thing was that my home turned out just like I envisioned it.

Now here is the most difficult part… The cooking. I remember it was a week before the dinner and I was still just procrastinating full of anxiety. This was the only thing I could think of and yet I still wasn’t doing anything. I was in this constant state of panic. I sat one night, exactly three days before the dinner, and I really started thinking about the mess I had successfully put myself in. I calmed down a bit and started googling easy Christmas recipes. Let me add here that my dad is a professional chef and there was NO chance at all of impressing him. Imagine cooking for Gordon Ramsey? Disaster… My mother? She is used to eating my fathers’ dishes so she was a lost cause as well. What about the other guests? Hell, I can’t even impress myself how am I going to manage to do this? I remembered my vision. Everyone happy in my house. They wouldn’t care for the food that much, right? After hours of pointless panic and anxiety, I was determined to get some work done.

I made a list of everything I needed. The next day I bought everything. I started cooking and boy was it the most difficult thing I had ever done. I don’t even want to dig deep into the process. I had about five full-on mental breakdowns while I was only cutting the vegetables. I can only imagine how amusing I looked. The most important thing was that I did it. Some things were a bit burned, some weren’t fully cooked but ‘’the salads would save me’’ I thought.

On the 25th I was surprisingly calm since I knew that my food is not that good. It was still edible and that was good enough for me. I decorated the table, I got dressed and I was ready for my guests. The whole night was actually amazing. My family brought food. Literally, my parents came with a cooked turkey, my aunt with vegetables, my grandma with the desserts. They even came with drinks. Being well aware of the fact that I can only make eggs and the chance of me being able to cook a decent full course meal was very slim, they came prepared. This was actually cute and it made me very happy. After having fun all night everyone decided that it’s time to go. After they left I sat in the hallway feeling super content and full of joy. I made it. I didn’t do so terrible. We all had fun and it was actually one of the best Christmas nights that we have had.

Then another problem presented itself. I had to clean everything. I swear my whole house was such a mess I couldn’t even believe it. Present wrappings everywhere, my sink was full of dishes and I don’t even have a dishwasher. The list goes on and on. The table was a mess. There was food everywhere in the house. I even saw that someone had spilled wine on my carpet and I love this carpet to death. So what did I do? I just went to sleep. I was a bit tipsy, tired and full of emotions and there was not a chance in this world that I was going to clean this now. I said to myself maybe I am dreaming.

Guess what? I wasn’t dreaming and this mess was real. It looked even worse in the morning. I called my mother and I explained to her the situation. She came and helped me wash the dishes and clean a bit but it was literally so much work. I thought I would never be in this position but here I was. May I add that I am kinda lazy and I don’t want to spend my free time cleaning. So, of course, I called a cleaning company (Monster Cleaning) to come and take all of my problems away. I couldn’t bother cleaning. They sent me this nice lady that said would be ready in two hours. When I came home I was pretty pleased with the result. My home was fresh, clean and spotless with no signs of my family being there the other night. Not to mention that I use this lady on the regular now 🙂